Bloodshot Movie Review

Bloodshot movie

Vin Diesel is famous due to his furious franchise and got popularity because of tough looks, actions, and intense face cuts. The Bloodshot is inspired by a comic series that comes in adaptation and lying under the fast and furious family. The story is more or less based on the science fiction in which a person and his wife struggle to death and how his life changes due to a single scientific experiment. There is much more action, revenge, romance, and other combination make it a complete package for the audience.

The movie was released in March 2020 but due to the COVID-19 restrictions, not able to open the show in the cinemas. It was digitally released on different channels and promote in the USA and Canada. Moreover, the further show opening is expected in the months after the reopening of cinemas.


The movie Bloodshot is inspired by the comic and reflect the science fiction experiment. It started with the rescue operation of the US army to save hostages held in Mombasa. The officer returns after the successful operation to spend time with family and wife. The Ray Garrison who was a part of the operation goes for the holidays with his wife Gina on beachside somewhere in Italy. During the holiday they kidnaped by the Martin Axe group and trying to know about the rescue operation and how they know about the hostage and location etc.

On resistance, the group killed both Ray and Gina. When Ray awakes he found himself in a lab RST working on the project in Kuala Lumpur. The project is to help US military personals with disabilities. The scientist and CEO of the project Dr. Emil Harting successfully experiment with his Bloodshot program over Ray. He told him that he is the one successful object of the experiment. Moreover, he is now having extraordinary healing abilities and strength. But all he needs the continuous recharge of the nanites to avoid damage or die.

After that Ray goes and trying to find the clue over the Axe group to track him down and take revenge for his wife’s murder. While process Ray always finds a new memory about her wife’s death and he took steps to take revenge. Later on, he finds out how his memories were manipulated all the time about his wife. It is just to use him against the killing of the companies rivals and enemies. Ray finds the truth about his wife Gina that they are ended up in a relationship five years ago and she is settled in London and living a different life.

The struggle continues through Ray find out help and fight against the RST system and dig out ways to free himself from the influence of the program. After the long fight and struggle, he finally destroys the RST system. In the end, Ray giving up himself to just destroy the system and willing to die but he wakes up with full memory and nanites are self-sufficient for him to survive.           

Releasing schedule

Bloodshot is the science fiction movie that is set to release out in cinemas in February 2020, but later on, due to some issues reschedule to hit cinemas in March 2020. Unfortunately, the epidemic situation restriction put another complication in the way to release of the movie. But to deal with the situation Sony announces to launch the movie digitally through Premium VOD in the US and Canada.

But within the few days of release Bloodshot become the most-watched home theater movie on Amazon Prime and other digital channels. After all the pandemic situation struggle and back routine, the movie is ready to hit the cinemas again. But in May, June, and July the movie is the top-rated movie seeing at homes. It is expected to watch the Bloodshot with rescheduling the dates in the cinemas.      

Casting & role

In the bloodshed, talented actors and actresses show their talent that produces something amazing that hits the audience. The leading role of Ray Garrison is played by no other than Vin Diesel, who was in the military and killed by the villain group, later on, a scientific experiment change him into bloodshot. Further, Sam Heughan appeared as Jimmy Dalton, Eiza Gonzaiez as KT, and Toby Kebbell as Martin Axe.

Moreover, Dr. Emil Harting role played by Guy Pearce, Wilfred Wigans appeared as Lamorne Morris, Talulah Riley as Gina Garrison and Johannes Haukur Johannesson shows as Nick Baris. The role of Marcus Tibbs played by Alex Hernandez, Siddharth Dhananjay appeared in the role of Eric and Tamer Burjaq shows as Mombasa Gunman receptively.

Direction and production

The Bloodshot production plan started in March 2015. It covers up all the things including screenplay, scripting, acting, location, and much more. In the casting procedure, the team did lots of effort and finalize the main lead Vin Diesel in 2018. The official filming of the movie started in 2018 and the location was cape town, south Africa, and the Prague Czech Republic. Some of the shots took in Hungary and Budapest as well. Overall, the film was wrapped up in 2018 and then go for the editing and final cuts.

Response and box office

Bloodshot faces restrictions due to the limitation of the epidemic situation of COVID-19 and the film will not able to go to the cinemas. But on other hand, it becomes the top movie list that is watched at home. It will have grossed the business of around $37.1 million from all over the world against its budget. Most of the earning of the movie is based on the online or digital release.

On other hand, the response ratio towards the movie was average and rated around 4.56 out of 10. The overall rating disappoints a lot and it makes the movie in an average rated movie. It may face some critic due to the science fiction or comic-based story that is not so much praised by the audience.