Harley Quinn: Birds of prey – a review

Harley Quinn: Birds of prey – a review

Harley Quinn is not unknown for many of the Warner Bros lovers. It has been a promising and prominent character in Suicide Squad. Many people consider that Harley Quinn: Birds of prey are a sequel to Suicide Squad but it is not. Although it has one it character but the story and other characters are not supporting the previous script.

The Harley Quinn: Birds of prey, is more focused on showing, empowered, and stable women. It is about female power and their strength to be rebellious. Connecting the Harley Quinn character from the Joker and then immediately detaching her from that movie bring another twist. It is about her being herself and going on with life in order to mark another journey for the viewers on the major canvas. However, the people love the roller coaster of comedy, adventure, action and drama at the same time.

The plot

The plot of movie start with the breakup of Joker and Harley after four year of Enchantress defeat. Ending the relationship brought Quinn to the streets of Gotham City where she struggles for her life and survival.  She took time to recover from the relationship and getting started with life in a new manner. However, to her fate, she ends up being in a mess with the driver of a nightclub owner names Roman Sionis. He is ruthless and crime lord.

In the story comes a new character of Dinah Lance who rescue Quinn and impress Sionis with her skills. Later Harley’s blow up at the Ace Chemicals to announce her breakup with Joker followed by a detective investigation of mob killings in the neighborhood by Montoya. The further story revolves around the characters in the dark world on chasing, securing and catching each other. All the events between the gangs, their teams, assassins, detectives, Harley and Dinah are full of adventure and thriller.

It is not wrong to say that the plot is beautifully designed to gather up all the different characters from multiple backgrounds and setting them up together. By the end of it, all the characters seem settled for their own ways and the climax leads them to their specific positions back. Although the movie ends, but it hooked the audience with a mid-sentence by Harley about Batman. The mid sentences secret, it somehow making Warner Bros fans a little unrest about what is coming forward.

Casting and role

Moving towards the casting then you can find some of the amazing and impressive actors in the team.

  • Margot Robbie is performing as Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist turned into crazy criminal. She has been with Joker as his girlfriend and later shown in Suicide Squad but this time her character is coming up as new. Leaving the past ties behind, she is moving with something new in the film.
  • Another important character is Helena Bertinelli, performed by Mary Elizabeth Winsted. She is an orphaned and daughter of a gangster turned into vigilante.
  • Jurnee Smollett is performing Dinah Lance another vigilante with the exceptional genetic ability to create hypersonic screams. She got the ability from her mother and sings in a club owned by a gangster.
  • Rosie Perez who is after Sionis and wants to build the case stronger plays the leading detective Renee Montoya
  • Cassandra Cian is a pocket picker in the movie who put herself in trouble after stealing diamonds and Sionis got the contract on her. Ella Jay Basco played this character beautifully.
  • Ali Wong is playing the character of Montoya’s ex-girlfriend whose name if Ellen Yee.
  • Ewan McGregor is playing the character of absolute narcissist names as Black mask.

Direction and production

Surprisingly the production of Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey were announced in advance after releasing Suicide Squad.  Robbie was not only the part of project as a performer but as producer as well. She gave three years on the project working on its every dimension and completing it to present Warner Bros and DC Films. Eventually, they finalize the deal, call up Cathy Yan for direction, and roll on the movie. It has been a great venture with all leading banner on a platform to make the story work. Moreover, it is a composite package of script, screenplay, story, continuity, connection, action and much more. The pre-production, production and post-production of the movie are justified.

Release and Marketing

The movie was released on January 25, 2020. Before its soft release the trailer, launch and previews showed up good results. The makers and marketers where expecting a good turnout. They did a lot for marketing and grab the audience attention. However, after soft release, the marketing team observed something is missing. The SEO of the movie title was missing and causing a massive loss. At this point, the more title was changed from the Birds of Prey to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. It was more optimized and attractive to boost search engine rankings.

Ratings and business

When it comes to the ratings and marketing of Harley Quinn: Birds of prey then it is exciting to know it been a hit even before release. Being an unannounced sequel of another hit “Suicide Squad”, the movie came up with the expectations of about $45 million in the first week. The preview testing claimed that the movie would receive a massive collection. Although the first weekend collection for the movie was around $33.3 million. It was not up to expectations but was not too bad to mention at all. until now, the movie has done so much on Box office. The total collection according to latest resources for the movie if $210.9 million. It is still running and counting on.

Moreover, online the movie is getting good response on its trailers, clippings, reviews and other production clippings. The Warner Bros Pictures are doing their best with dealing with the piracy issues and avoiding the online availability of the movie. Moreover, for now it is not available at any entertainment app. Soon, there can be chances of releasing it on any platform but there are not announcements about it yet.