5 Anime you should watch in 2021

People are getting more attracted towards anime, and it’s simple to understand why. In addition to the sheer variety of anime genres, the distinct comedy and fascinating plotlines give a pleasant change from what the previous television shows had to offer. It might be a challenge for some to decide what to watch. There are so many new series coming out that even anime geeks might become confused.

With more individuals staying at home for longer durations due to lockdown, anime has become even more popular than before. Many interesting things are coming up in 2021, such as seasons of popular manga adaptations are premiering. Here is the list of the five most popular anime series in 2021 based on google search results.

Shingeki on kyojin (Attack on Titan)

No one should be surprised that Attack on Titan is ranked number one. Mysterious titans terrorize the human species. When a Titan is chopped off, it regrows its limbs. The only method to kill them is by cutting off a portion of their nape with a sword. But it isn’t as easy as it may appear at first. Rose, Maria, and Sina’s walls shield them from the titans that terrorize their population.

With the airing of the Final season of AOT, fans have been shocked with the new information they got. Creator has depicted the scenes with such emotions and suspense that fans can’t get more of it. So, if you are curious about who Eldians are and their fate, then go, and binge-watch the whole series.

Tokyo Revengers

It seems Takemichi, who is 26 years old, is always being picked on. He frequently apologizes to his younger supervisor at work. “A train is going to kill him, but in his mind, he’s in the past, trying to prevent the death of his middle school girlfriend.” Flashing back in time, the future has been changed. Why did Takemichi kill his ex-girlfriend, and is there more to the story than he knows?

Jujutsu Kaisen

Any shonen anime watcher will find that Jujutsu Kaisen is a familiar storyline. There is a strong resemblance between Yuuji Itadori and Naruto and the thin barrier that separates humans from demons and the unseen struggle between them. As a fighting anime, it’s easy to see why with its hilarious supporting characters, amazing fights, and can-do spirit.

Where Jujutsu Kaisen’s charm resides is in its knowing embracing of genre clichés and then brilliantly inverting them. On the other hand, it’s one of the few shonen series where women are depicted with the same depth and forcefulness as males.

Dr. Stone season 2

Dr. Stone’s debut season was one of the best of 2020. As Senku and his companions strive to rebuild civilization via the power of science, following an occurrence that left everyone in the world frightened for centuries. Season two reunites us with Senku.

While the animation might be crude at times, specifically in moments of overt comedy, the world-building, characters, music, and action are all top-notch throughout the anime. After a second season that ended on a cliffhanger, the show has built up enough suspense to keep us interested until the third season.

Mars Red

In addition to fantasy and video game animation, some viewers enjoy very serious and gloomy vampire animation. Mars Red is the answer for these enthusiasts.

Vampires infest Tokyo in 1923 due to the clandestine trade in artificial blood. Gendarme Yoshinobu Maeda has been put in charge of commanding a team of vampires to murder or recruit vampires in the city of Tokyo. In this anime, tragedy is a common theme.