How can I learn filmmaking as a student of Mass communication

How can I learn filmmaking as a student of Mass communication

If you’re interested in creating films but don’t have much money, an MCST program can help you get the skills you need to start your production. These programs typically have state-of-the-art production facilities and quality equipment to help you achieve your goals. They also teach you how to write scripts and run a production set.


Students in a Mass communication degree program can enrol in a Filmmaking course to explore the process of filmmaking. The course will introduce students to the various techniques used in the production of films, including cinematography, lighting, and stage and sound design. It also explores the aesthetic choices of cinematic storytelling and their influence on the plot and character development. Students will also complete a series of directing exercises and develop a portfolio.


If you are a mass communication student, you may be interested in a filmmaking career. While some film careers do not require a formal degree, most require specific skills. There are many ways to improve these skills, including enrolling in a certificate, bachelor’s, or master’s program. It is also beneficial to explore work experience opportunities in the film industry. For example, you can contact independent film production companies, local media outlets, or the BBC to see what positions are available. You can also search for work experience on the internet and apply for those positions that match your skills and experience.

Career paths

If you have an interest in film, you can choose to pursue a career in filmmaking after graduating from Mass communication. The global film industry is estimate to be worth around $88 billion annually, and the demand for films is increasing rapidly. For example, in 2013, 68 per cent of Americans went to a movie theatre, and Netflix memberships rose from 31 million to 43 million. This growing market provides many opportunities for filmmakers and producers. Below, we will discuss the different educational pathways you can take to achieve your dream.

Courses offered at UWG.

UWG’s new School of Communication, Film, and Media, which will open on July 1, is dedicated to producing highly skilled graduates for in-demand industries. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications or a minor in Mass Communication or Film and Video Production.

The School of Communication, Film, and Media is home to WUTV. This public access educational television station is a teaching lab for UWG students majoring in Mass Communications, Journalism, and Digital Media & Entertainment. WUTV’s programming promotes the arts and serves the greater West Georgia community, and students can earn college credit through participation in productions such as WUTV.

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