What’s the Most Underrated Or Overrated TV Show?

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A Reddit user asked: “What’s the most underrated or overrated television show?” People were quick to respond, offering their thoughts on the topic. Some of the responses below are edited for length and clarity. Most people cited Reasons Why, Gossip Girl, and Teen Titans Go.

Reasons Why:

Reasons Why is an American teen drama that is now streaming on Netflix. It is based on the popular novel by Jay Asher. The show follows Clay Jensen and the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s suicide. It is a riveting teen drama with classy acting and amazing soundtracks. The show is disturbing and entertaining and has received an excellent critical reception.

The series is rated TV-MA, which is inappropriate for viewers under seventeen. It is also ranked 18 in the UK. It is highly rated for its content and themes, including sexual assault. However, the writers of 13 Reasons Why did not send the right message. It portrayed a dystopian world whose characters did not reflect the reality of everyday life.

Family Guy:

Originally a funny comedy, Family Guy has become a cheesy, repetitive ritual. Its sexy and racist jokes are a bit much these days, but there’s no denying that the first couple of seasons were funnier than they are now. And while the show’s plots have become increasingly offensive, it doesn’t go as far as South Park, which crosses the line and takes everything way over the top.

If you’ve never watched South Park, you’re missing out. Yes, it’s racist, but it’s still a decent show. I’ll admit that the first four seasons of this show were incredibly funny. Seasons five and six were particularly good. Later seasons were okay, but nothing was truly great. Luckily, the show returned to its original format in seasons eighteen and twenty-one.

Gossip Girl:

Gossip Girl is one of the best TV shows of the decade, and for a good reason. The show chronicles the outrageous and sometimes scandalous lives of privileged prep school teens. The show stars a dazzling array of young stars, including the iconic Blake Lively. It also launched many fashions and TV trends. New York Magazine has called it “the greatest teen drama of all time.”

The series also introduced viewers to some of the coolest places in NYC, from the hottest new designer to the hottest restaurants and shops. As a result, Gossip Girl became a bragging right for New Yorkers. The creators also wanted the show to mimic a magazine, showing viewers the latest trends in fashion and design. The show also helped New York City’s tourism industry, with many fans heading to the city to visit the famous locations.

Teen Titans Go:

Despite being made by Flash, Teen Titans Go is not the most underrated or overrated TV show of all time. While the show’s style is similar to the previous Teen Titans, it has a different feel. Instead of a literal adaptation of the comic books, it’s a fun and light-hearted take on the characters’ lives. For example, Robin is a huge egomaniac with a giant crush on Starfire.

While this show is fun and silly, it’s not without flaws. The show was greenlit right around the same time Cartoon Network cancelled another superhero show, Young Justice. Since Young Justice was popular and had great potential, many viewers thought TTG would be an acceptable replacement. It also came at a time when Cartoon Network started moving away from serious-toned shows and overarching stories.

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