Reviews about the movie “The Legend of Maula Jatt”:

Reviews about the movie “The Legend of Maula Jatt”:

The Legend of Maula Jatt is a highly anticipated film that promises a great cinematic experience. It’s an epic tale of the legendary Maula Jatt and his worthy adversary Noori Natt. It will have you enraptured from the very first minute.

Mahira Khan:

A new Pakistani film called “The Legend of Maula Jatt” is making waves on the big screen this fall. The retelling of the 1979 cult classic “Maula Jatt” stars Mahira Khan and Humaima Malik in pivotal roles. The film focuses on the rivalry between local hero Maula Jatt and the ruthless gang leader Noori Natt. It’s been an enormous box-office success in Pakistan and is expected to do so internationally.

The film was directed by Bilal Lashari, who made his Pakistani film debut with Waar. Though the film received mixed reviews, Lashari was praised for his technical control. Now, he is back with his most ambitious film, which has a budget of over 50 crores. The film has been plagued by delays and legal wrangling but has emerged triumphant at the box office with great first-day numbers.

Humaima Malick:

The legend of Maula Jatt is the second film from Pakistani filmmaker Bilal Lashari. This story revolves around the plight of two women, Maula and Noori Natt. The film has a strong feminist theme. But despite its patriarchal nature, it also deals with family ties.

The Legend of Maula Jatt is an epic Pakistani film with an excellent cast and a feminist script. The film has a feminist twist, analyzing Pakistani society and highlighting its plight. It’s also a remake of a classic Pakistani drama with heavy influences from Game of Thrones.

The film is one of the most expensive Pakistani films in history, but it’s not without controversy. It has been leaked online on piracy sites, including Bolly4u, Netnaija, telegram, and MP4movies. You can even watch it for free on these sites.

Nayyer Ejaz:

The Legend Of Maula Jatt, a Pakistani production directed by Nasir Adeeb, will set a new standard in Pakistani cinema. The movie has been in the works for over four decades. It has taken both a brilliant storyteller and a visionary director to bring it to the screen. The film will undoubtedly break many records and may even change the face of Pakistani cinema.

The Legend of Maula Jatt is an action film set in 1979. The story revolves around a local hero taking on a brutal gang leader. The film is not rated in the United States but M18 in Ireland and Australia, MA15 in Norway and M15 in the UK. The movie’s first half is quite absorbing, and the character arcs are compelling.

Mukhi Jattni:

The legend of Maula Jatt is a tale of honour and revenge. The movie follows the story of Maula Jatt, a prizefighter, who seeks revenge against the Noori Natt, one of the most powerful warriors in Punjab. The story is a journey of honour and revenge that challenges the loyalties and families of the characters.

The film stars Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt and is directed by Bilal Lashari. The movie features Hamza Ali Abbasi, Humima Malik, and Mahira Khan. It was released on 13 October 2022 and received generally positive reviews.

Gohar Rasheed:

“The legend of Maula Jatt” is a story of a revenge-seeking prizefighter. He has a troubled past and seeks revenge against the most feared warrior in Punjab. His quest to gain power and revenge challenges the bonds of family and loyalty and creates an epic tale of honour and truth.

This film is a retelling of the 1979 cult film. Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan, and Humaima Malik are among the other cast members. The film is produced by Sammara Hikmat and helmed by Bilal Lashari. The music was composed by Sarmad Ghafoor.

Hamza Ali Abbasi plays a substantial role in this film. His sarcastic expressions and macabre sense of brutality make him a standout. His character is a perfect match for Fawad. The chemistry between the two is palpable.

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