How Mass Communication Students Start a TV Show?


The television industry is a fun and creative workplace with endless possibilities. Some people dream of designing dragons for Game of Thrones. Others might want to write nature documentaries or create the sound design. Still, others might be aspiring directors, writers, and camera operators. There are many options, and many people aren’t sure where they want to go, but there are a few paths you can take.

Student as a runner:

A runner job is one of the best ways to get a foothold in the TV industry. It allows students to gain ground-level experience in producing television shows and gives them the chance to meet the people who will make their future as TV producers possible. Working on a show as a runner is a great way to network, and you can also impress your employer by showing off your love of television! Runner jobs can include everything from making tea to administrative work.

Student as a writer:

If you’re a mass communication student who dreams of a career in television writing, you should consider a course that focuses on the television industry. This course teaches students how to pitch ideas to writer-producers and develop television pilots. They will also learn about various aspects of production, such as scheduling, budgets, and grant writing. The course will also cover cinematic storytelling, the structure of scripts, and how to develop a business plan. Students will also be expected to complete a short video production project.

If you graduate from Claflin University’s Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting program, you can combine east and west-coast learning environments. You’ll spend three semesters in Boston, and three semesters in Los Angeles, so you’ll gain a wide range of experiences while preparing for a career in the television industry. You’ll also gain valuable work experience in a creative community, which will help you better understand what you’d like to do with your degree.

Student as director:

As a mass communication student, you may be eager to get started in the media industry. After all, there are many exciting opportunities available. For example, you could work as a runner for a television show or an intern in the industry. This will give you an invaluable ground-level perspective of the TV production process, and you may meet people who will be able to offer you more responsible positions later on.

Student as camera operator:

If you love working with cameras, you can make a great career as a television camera operator. Many television camera operators work for the director of photography and are supported by a camera assistant. They may work on various programmes, using several or one portable camera. Their work often involves suggesting shots to the director and maintaining good relationships with the cast and crew. If you want to pursue a career in this field, consider taking a course in television production or camera operations.

Students develop critical thinking and communication skills:

During your high school years, you will begin developing the skills you’ll need for a successful career in this field. You’ll create problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. You’ll also complete the basic subjects you’ll need for college. Many programs require two years of foreign language, arts, and technology. Despite your interest in film and television, you’ll need to learn to use camera equipment to create an impressive movie.

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