How to Find a Best Informational Movie for Students?

When choosing a film for a classroom, consider a variety of factors. A film can help students understand different approaches to teaching and learning. Schools shouldn’t have rigid rules that get in the way of real teaching. The teacher in the film should be empathetic toward the students. The film should provide students with a better understanding of what teachers go through to succeed. Students can draw lessons from the movie and apply those learnings in their own classrooms.

Life of Pi:

If you are looking for a film that will appeal to students, consider Life of Pi. It is a beautiful adventure tale that incorporates elements of religion, zoology, and nature. Throughout the film, Pi’s adventure serves as a lens for personal growth. The film contains some violent content and references to cannibalism and animal killing. It may also stir up debates about the accuracy of the story.

While the plot is a compelling story, some viewers might find it disturbing for younger children. Some of the scenes are violent and disturbing, and younger kids might be scared of the tiger’s actions. The movie also features scenes where Pi and his family are forced to use various substances to survive. While he is traveling on an ocean freighter, Pi feeds zoo animals tranquilizers hidden in bananas to help alleviate sea sickness. There is also a scene where Pi flirts with a teenage girl.


While some informational movies may be aimed at children, others are specifically geared toward high school students. The latter group is most likely to benefit from movies that teach them about science. Interstellar, for example, is a science fiction movie, but it provides great food for thought. It explores the secrets of space travel and provides a launchpad for discussion about the possibilities of space exploration. Students will also enjoy films that teach them about different subjects without the distractions of a textbook.

Schindler’s List:

One of the most difficult aspects of teaching Schindler’s List as an information film to students is its length. The movie is 3 hours and 15 minutes long, so teachers should plan to segment it into five class periods. However, teachers should know their students best, and always preview materials before sharing them. It is important to let students know about any upsetting scenes before showing the movie. Whether Schindler’s List is a good movie for students depends on the age group and what their needs are.

The film is rated R, but it still contains some powerful messages. While it is not an appropriate film for very young students, you may still want to use it in your classroom. You can find Schindler’s List on streaming services, and you can even borrow it from the Facing History library. For educators who are not able to rent it, you can check it out from the public library.

Stand and Deliver:

The 1988 film ‘Stand and Deliver’ is an excellent choice for students. The story follows the lives of two underprivileged students who work hard in a math class, study calculus and take an advanced placement test. Despite the fact that the students are struggling in school, they persevere and complete the test. This is a good example of the importance of education in a society.

The film based on a true story is a classic, and it is a must-see for students. It shows the importance of working hard, being determined and teamwork. Smart classroom education is making learning more fun and engaging for students. Stand and Deliver is one of the most powerful films to introduce students to the history of the United States. This film is also a powerful motivator.

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