How to Start a Career in Film Making in the UK?

If you’ve always wanted to work in film, the UK is the perfect place to start your career. There are many opportunities to get experience. There are many ways to get started, including working as a location manager, being a freelancer, or volunteering. Below are some of the most effective ways to create your filmmaking career in the UK. Hopefully, you’ll find the answers to all your questions.

Working as a location manager:

A degree in a relevant subject can greatly boost your chances of getting an entry level job in this role. You will be required to travel a lot and work in various conditions, including harsh weather. Location managers also need to work with multiple people and have excellent communication skills, which will come in handy if you’re dealing with producers or directors.

To get started in this field, you’ll need some pre-entry experience. Try to get involved with media production at university or gain work experience. General production support jobs are most likely available, but you can also try contacting the BBC to see if they’re running any work placements. If you’re still unsure where to start looking for a job, many other opportunities are available.

Getting experience as a freelancer:

If you’re a filmmaker aspiring to work in filmmaking in the UK, you should get experience from various sources, including previous film jobs. A previous client can refer you to a prospective client, who will visit your website and ask about your rates and work samples. It’s a good idea to apply to as many projects as possible because one of these jobs might not be what you were looking for.

Most film and television projects require a video editor, and editing is a crucial part of the process. Most editing jobs take place in editing suites, which are small but comfortable, and use computers. Freelance editors often work from home with their equipment. While most film and TV productions are based in London, independent production companies are found in almost every city in the UK. This makes it easy for a film editor to work from home while gaining experience and establishing their reputation.

Getting a degree:

If you are interested in filmmaking, getting a degree in this subject in the UK could be the best choice for you. In addition to developing a deep understanding of the creative process, filmmaking degrees are also great for students who have an entrepreneurial spirit. This degree will help you build your own business and get the skills you need to succeed in the film industry. It can also help you work on a film project as part of a creative team.

Suppose you are looking for a degree in film production in the UK. In that case, the City Campus of the University of Plymouth will allow you to learn in a thriving creative hub, including renowned contemporary art centres and specialist studios. In addition, students can use the University of Bristol’s award-winning studios and experience working in a professional environment. The City Campus is also home to the University of Plymouth’s renowned Bower Ashton and Arnolfini film theatres.


There are many ways to volunteer to start a career in filmmaking in the UK. You can try volunteering at television stations and studios. You can also join local film production companies’ placement programmes. The work experience is not always paid but can be invaluable for getting a foot in the door. To get started, you can ask local producers about their volunteer opportunities and what you can do to help them.

Almost all filmmakers begin by volunteering. Usually, they work their way up from low-budget set productions to larger ones. Film productions can always use extra hands, so it’s smart to begin at the bottom and work your way up. However, don’t forget to check out the film festivals as well. You may find some great opportunities there. Volunteering to start a career in filmmaking in the UK is the right way to begin if you have the talent and passion.

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