What are the best Sources For Tech Related News?

Mashable is an excellent place to find the latest tech news. Mashable features original series on every topic, from Food Fight to Woman with Byte, Digital Trends Live to Tech for Change. You’ll find a mix of news related to technology, entertainment, science, and business. Mashable is constantly seeking out fresh, new tech news. Its writers cover everything from startups to big companies.

Venture Beat:

If you are interested in technology news, Venture Beat is a must-read for you. The tech news media site has been around for more than a decade and is dedicated to spreading the word about anything tech related. From groundbreaking business decisions to exciting new games, this site keeps you abreast of the latest news. Venture Beat is one of the best sources for tech news and has become a popular source for tech news for many business leaders.

While most news sources do not discuss the funding they get, this is evident in many of their articles. For instance, Venture Beat does not allow industry sources to write their own articles. The articles are not unbiased because the publication gets paid by the companies they cover. Rather, the company pays Venture Beat to promote their own products. It is also unclear how VentureBeat can be called journalism if it is financed by industry sources.


The news of Gigaom’s layoffs came as a shock to many employees and investors alike. The company was already down to less than 70 employees after a few months of rapid growth. Gigaom’s investors, including True Ventures and Reed Elsevier, poured millions of dollars into the publisher. But that didn’t stop the company from attempting to turn things around.

Gigaom is a technology news website with 6.5 million monthly unique visitors and a roster of 200 independent analysts who bridge the gap between the academe and consultancy worlds. Its articles provide a unique layer of analysis and research. While many news outlets focus on breaking technology news, Gigaom has a more long-term vision that helps readers understand the trends and technologies of the 21st century. It also provides useful guides for gadget owners and other techies.


For those who love reading tech-related news, the blog TechCrunch is a must-read. Michael Arrington started it in 2005 and it has quickly become one of the top technology blogs on the web. Their mix of news and opinion pieces make for an interesting read. You can follow the site with an app, or sign up for their newsletters. TechCrunch is also a major player in the tech world, hosting various meetups and conferences in various cities across the world.

Another good source of tech news is the New York Times’ technology section. The Times’s tech writers put current news into perspective and put it into context. CNBC Tech also covers top tech stories, but has a lighter tone and focuses more on entertainment. The site is also worth a look, but beware of the voluminous articles on a single topic. Instead, you’ll get a digest of what’s important to you.

Business Insider:

In an increasingly digital world, business publications are gaining popularity and credibility, and Business Insider is one of the most popular sources for tech news. This media outlet is owned by Eliot Spitzer, a former New York attorney general who was forced out of office in 2008. He became a contributor to Slate after his term expired, and founded Business Insider as a way to highlight the growing high-tech sector in New York City. While Business Insider remains based in New York, it has extended its coverage to include a broader array of topics.

In its early days, Business Insider was little more than a blog, but it quickly grew to become one of the most popular news sites. It was founded in New Work City by former DoubleClick CEO Kevin P. Ryan and two other tech industry insiders, Dwight Merriman and Henry Blodget. The two eventually merged their blogs to form a larger news site.

Ars Technica:

In 1998, ARS Technica was founded by Jon Stokes and Ken Fisher. This website is one of the world’s leading technology news websites. They cover technology, science, and society news. Their website includes news and reviews of the latest gadgets and computer hardware. Articles are written by postgraduates and are usually less formal than those found in traditional journals. You can subscribe to the site to read the latest stories in full without ads.

Founded almost two decades ago, Ars Technica is the go-to site for tech enthusiasts and professionals. They feature articles on a variety of tech topics, editorials, and consumer interests. In addition to news, you can also participate in forums to discuss the latest technology with other enthusiasts. Although the site is funded by online advertising, it has been a subscription-only publication since 2001. Despite its limitations, the site is well-worth the subscription.


Recode is a tech-related news website run by Vox Media that offers in-depth, unbiased analysis of technology trends and the latest developments in the tech world. Its daily opinion pieces are written by independent journalists, with a commitment to quality content. You can subscribe to Recode Daily, and be guaranteed to read one piece every day. You can also check out Ars Technica, a tech-focused website that has been around since 1998. Its articles are well-received and have a large audience, with over 370 thousand Facebook fans.

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